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From John Chau to Captain Cook: The fatal attractions of Missionaries and other Colonising Zealots Part Two: An explanation of the System.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 00:00;
Traditionally the Chinese have observed both a Solar and a Lunar calendar. We will be using their Solar calendar, also called the Hsia or Farmer’s calendar. This calendar is made up of two inter-connected cycles: One cosmic or astral, represented by the 10 Heavenly Stems (Gan) and, the other earthly or temporal, represented the12 Earthly Branches, (Zhi); better known as the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac. Together, they are known as the Gan-Zhi and when drawn up, one on top of the other, they make up 4 the Pillars of Destiny. One pillar for the year, one pillar for the month, one pillar for the day and one pillar for the hour. Both upper Heavenly Stems and lower Earthly Branches are in fact representations of the 5 elements of Chinese Yin, Yang theory. This theory posits that all things within the universe are either Yin or Yang. The way…