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3. Chinese Face Reading:

Chinese Face Reading is, like palmistry, predicated on the rules of statistical probability. The basic premise being that the shape of the face reveals the broad strokes of character and personality while the minutiae of life’s path is disclosed section by section – forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth shape, lips, teeth, ears etc and any notable features like moles. Other aspects such as one’s health, wealth, career, friendships, relationships; especially family relationships, and love are all facets of one’s life discernable in the features of the face. Broadly speaking the younger, first third of one’s life can be discerned from the ears (birth to 14) and a T shaped cross section of the central forehead (Widows Peak and eyebrows) 15 to 34. The middle years (35 – 71) flow down across the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks in a path similar to a capital I shape while the latter third of one’s life (72 – 99) follows the outer shape of the face in a circular motion. Aspects of life reflected in the face and analysed are: familial relationships, marriage, career, money, and land ownership, the help which one might expect from others, children, and the ability to delegate and succeed in business or career. One aspect of this system, like that of Chinese Palmistry, dictates that when reading the face, one starts from the left for males and the right for females.


Typical Chinese Face Reading Map