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What's in a Feng Shui Audit for Me?

Saturday, 04 April 2009 00:00;
Why should any one have a Feng Shui Audit made on their home or business property? This is a question I am frequently asked. Let me answer by asking you a question in return. Have you ever heard this? “How’s life?” Maybe you have even had it directed at you? And the response so often given: “Not bad. But could be better. Could always be better!” And therein that simple little phrase lies the answer to, “What is in a Feng Shui Audit for you?” The maximising of your full potential. That is the aim of Feng Shui. As discussed in What is Feng Shui?, we know that it is better by far to have Mother Nature’s forces working for us rather than trying to operate in spite of them. A proper Feng Shui Audit will help you to achieve this. What it is NOT Perhaps for a moment we…

Purpose and Benefits of Classical Feng Shui in Homes

Saturday, 04 April 2009 00:00;
Classical Chinese Feng Shui originally, was used by the ruling classes to order their civic world: in the design of city layouts, imperial palaces and individual buildings. One particular branch was used especially to position temples. This same system of feng shui dominated when choosing auspicious locations for graves. Today its uses are a little more mundane. However, feng shui still has an important role to play in the finding of auspicious locations for buildings such as our homes, commercial premises and industrial plants. Amongst the many benefits that can be gained by applying the principles of Classical Chinese feng shui into the design of new residential buildings are: Specific design factors which enhance the overall smoothness of human relationships for those occupying the building. (An example of this might be a family that has smooth relationships, a strong sense of family and is very harmonious.) Specific design factors which…