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Tuesday, 12 June 2018 00:00;
In a couple of on-line discussion panels, I occasionally follow, attention has recently been drawn to the feng shui of the Singapore venue for the upcoming meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. The summit, if it does actually go ahead, is slated to be held on Singapore’s Sentosa Island, at the prestigious Capella Resort Hotel. Designed by renowned British architect Sir Norman Foster; principal architect behind HSBC’s Hong Kong HQ, the Capella has, what is frequently, but incorrectly referred to, as a Colonial Style façade. I say incorrectly, because more appropriately the style is in fact, Imperialist. The distinction in this case, is important, when we consider that the United States of America and the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea, are both imperialist in nature. Kim is quite clearly Emperor in all but name in his dynastically ruled realm, and the USA behaves quite un-ashamedly imperialistically in its…

Waitangi - a Cause to Grieve?

Wednesday, 07 February 2018 00:00;
I am often mindful of just what a peculiar thing classical feng shui can be. What strange and downright bizarre elements it reveals in life. Now that Waitangi Day has come and gone peacefully, this year, without any major incidents or displays of intense frustration, it’s time to take a look at what was different from previous angst burdened Waitangi Days, and see just what if any part the feng shui of Waitangi itself might be playing an all of this. Although events on Waitangi Day have a long history of being fractious and disputatious, in the most recent past, since the obstreperous protests of 2015 at Te Tii Marae led National’s John Key to abandon government presence at Waitangi altogether; a policy followed in 2017 by Bill English, that changed this year when new Labour Prime Minister Jacinda Adern chose to return for the main celebrations; although not to…

What is going on at Auckland International Airport?

Friday, 13 October 2017 00:00;
You may have noticed that our international airport is having a bit of a rough time this year. First there was the horrific traffic build-ups that were a daily feature for anyone trying to get either to or from the place. Adding to the congestion was a poorly timed restructure of the road system that surrounds the country’s biggest gateway. This has eventually eased with the opening of the much touted but long delayed Waterview Tunnel. Then came the unbelievable news that the sole fuel line which supplies the airport had been severed by a contract worker, cutting off the supply of aviation fuel to New Zealand’s largest and busiest air hub. Last week there was a further problem when a suspicious parcel was discovered at the airport’s mail centre, requiring an evacuation of the entire mail centre again causing traffic delays in the general area. Now, this morning, a…

Feng Shui Blocks Storm-Water Pipe Plan

Friday, 07 July 2017 00:00;
This was the Headline of the article on that greeted me over my morning coffee. I had received a call from the reporter, Alexia Russell the day before, enquiring just what exactly feng shui is, and whether a claim by a Chinese couple in Melon’s Bay, that a stormwater drain crossing their property could in fact, disturb or damage their feng shui? It’s an interesting question and one that warrants some discussion. I say this, not just for the merits of this particular claim, but because as New Zealand accepts more and more immigrants, there are likely to be more and more, claims based around what many will perceive simply as culturally based sensitivities. No doubt, many too will respond negatively, with the rather tired old cliché for any newcomer, that ‘when in Rome one should do as the Romans do’. However, is it really as simple as that;…

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