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The Feng Shui Almanac

The Feng Shui Almanac is a place within my website for visitors to explore the Chinese calendar and its associated almanac, with all sorts of interesting and relevant facts about the current year month, day and in some cases, even an hourly perspective. Here you can check out what kind of year it is and what we might expect from it. You can go to the month to see which day the month will change on, and what we might expect, overall, of the coming month. You will also be able to find just what the current day is.

You will also find helpful information on the history and background on the Chinese Solar Calendar, how it works and what the current folk festivals are all about. For those with a specific interest in Classical feng shui, I will also be posting the Flying Star for the Year, Month and Day. These will be posted both on the website and on my Face Book pages: Danny Thorn (NZ), and Feng Shui Consultants New Zealand.

The complex system of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches and their relationship to Five Element Theory is explained in simple straightforward language.

The following menus are available:

  • The Xia Calendar: An explanation of the 60year cycle
  • Yin Yang 5 Element Theory
  • The 10 Heavenly Stems
  • The 12 earthly Branches
  • The concepts of Clash and Penalty
  • The concepts of San Sha or Three Poisons for the day
  • Lists of the Animal signs, their Clash, Penalty and San Sha relationships

The 24 Solar Markers

Here you will find an explanation of the 24 Solar Makers (some writers refer to them as Seasonal Nodes* that signify the subtle climatic changes to be expected throughout the year and what they meant traditionally to the farmers of Central and North China. Sometimes folk festivals are associated with these Markers and although today, as New China modernises helter skelter many are still observed even in the big cities. Intrinsically, they were linked to the seasonal transition, the processing of five phases (elements) as they progressed through the calendar year.

Finding your Animal Sign

Here you will find your Chinese zodiac sign. Simply identify the year in which you were born to find your particular animal sign.

The Current Year

An explanation of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches for the current year and some predictions as to what the year is likely to hold.

The Months

A progressive explanation posted each month, which describes the current month in terms of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches along with some predictions as to what the month may hold.

The Days

A progressive explanation posted daily, which describes the day in terms of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches with some information from the traditional Xia calendar as to the nature of the day and what kind of day it is. • Recommendations as to suitable and unsuitable activities for the day may be given.