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Feng Shui, Maximising Your Natural Potential.

Who is Danny Thorn?

Danny Thorn, Director of Feng Shui Consultants New Zealand and The Feng Shui Academy of New Zealand, has spent many years living and working in Asia where he first came across the subject of classical Chinese Feng Shui being applied by both friends and business acquaintances. He was intrigued and was lucky enough to have the chance to start learning from an older Chinese master in Hong Kong in 1985, long before feng shui was ever the buzz word it was later to become in the West at least. He has since studied with several Chinese Masters, mostly from Hong Kong.

Feng Shui Consultants New Zealand and the Feng Shui Academy of New Zealand were both established in Auckland, 1995, by Danny, to meet the growing demand for authentic, classical, Chinese Feng Shui services in New Zealand. Over the following years demand for Danny's skills in applying both classical Chinese feng shui and the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese astrology), has grown and now sees him travelling regularly all over the world to consult with clients..