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Site Selection

The importance of choosing auspicious land on which to build:

This is where the application of classical feng shui correctly begins. When looking at selecting any site on which to build, whether for a new home, a commercial building, e.g: a hotel, a shopping centre, even large industrial complexes, a detailed analysis of the land is where one should ideally, always commence. Literally, by assessing the feng shui at this very beginning stage, the classical feng shui consultant is able to take into consideration the following fundamental factors in their assessment:

  • Precise locations of mountains, water and open spaces
  • Defining the land's trends of rising and falling (assessing yin and yang influences)
  • Determining magnetic orientations
  • Analysing current and future time/space dynamics over the site and any proposed construction
  • Optimising internal space-usage according to the time/space dynamics
  • Determining the likely effects of the above dynamics on specific individuals, as applicable

These then can be used to determine the best lay-out of the building; showing where the best locations for doorways (ingress and egress), determination of internal spatial usage, bedrooms, living/dining rooms, studies/offices, toilets, bathrooms, storage spaces, even kitchens, etc

In some instances, the consultant may well advise against a particular site and recommend a continuing of the search for appropriate land. When wanting to incorporate feng shui in one's search for an ideal plot of land, one must be prepared to look at more than one, possibly multiple sites, before an ideal plot is found. The pay-off in positive feng shui however, is always well worth that initial, if exhaustive effort. Like anything in life, take the trouble to get the fundamentals right and the rest will likely flow much more smoothly.