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Feng Shui Audits

A feng shui audit is a process rather than a one off event and involves amongst other things, the following:

  • An initial on-site visit of approximately 2 hrs.
  • A written report covering: a description of the kind of feng shui the building has, its most likely effects and a set of sector by sector recommendations for maximizing the positive aspects of the feng shui and minimizing the negative.
  • A set of Diary Sheets to help record the changes as they occur once you have implemented the recommendations.
  • A weekly phone call as required for the first 4 to 6 weeks to liaise on the follow-up.
  • A second on-site visit to perform a follow up and to address any outstanding issues there may be.
  • Full Destiny Analysis Charts for all primary occupants, where applicable.

Please note that ordinarily, one can expect to start feeling positive effects within two to three days of the recommendations being enacted but close liaison is recommended to help make sure its done properly, hence the need for an initial weekly phone call as a part of the installation of the recommendations.

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