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What is going on at Auckland International Airport?

Friday, 13 October 2017 00:00;
You may have noticed that our international airport is having a bit of a rough time this year. First there was the horrific traffic build-ups that were a daily feature for anyone trying to get either to or from the place. Adding to the congestion was a poorly timed restructure of the road system that surrounds the country’s biggest gateway. This has eventually eased with the opening of the much touted but long delayed Waterview Tunnel. Then came the unbelievable news that the sole fuel line which supplies the airport had been severed by a contract worker, cutting off the supply of aviation fuel to New Zealand’s largest and busiest air hub. Last week there was a further problem when a suspicious parcel was discovered at the airport’s mail centre, requiring an evacuation of the entire mail centre again causing traffic delays in the general area. Now, this morning, a…

Feng Shui Blocks Storm-Water Pipe Plan

Friday, 07 July 2017 00:00;
This was the Headline of the article on that greeted me over my morning coffee. I had received a call from the reporter, Alexia Russell the day before, enquiring just what exactly feng shui is, and whether a claim by a Chinese couple in Melon’s Bay, that a stormwater drain crossing their property could in fact, disturb or damage their feng shui? It’s an interesting question and one that warrants some discussion. I say this, not just for the merits of this particular claim, but because as New Zealand accepts more and more immigrants, there are likely to be more and more, claims based around what many will perceive simply as culturally based sensitivities. No doubt, many too will respond negatively, with the rather tired old cliché for any newcomer, that ‘when in Rome one should do as the Romans do’. However, is it really as simple as that;…

OMG! What’s going on in London?

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 00:00;
I received a call from one of my Kiwi feng shui students the other day, asking me, ‘OMG! What’s going on in London?’ The call came of course, after the most recent and it must be said very provocative attack on bystanders at a London Mosque. My immediate response was to answer her by explaining the earlier two attacks at the Manchester Arena, and on London Bridge and the Borough Markets in terms of their feng shui and the Four Pillars of Destiny (Chinese Astrology). My answer was as follows: ‘Well the two May 2017 attacks in both Manchester and London were Rooster Year/Rooster Days, so they were days of Penalty. The month of May was the Month of the Snake and the timing of both attacks were between the hours of 9pm and 11pm, the Hour of the Pig. (This takes into consideration that the UK is currently one…

Catching Feng Shui in Bangkok

Monday, 22 February 2016 00:00;
On a recent working trip to Thailand, I stumbled upon some interesting examples of feng shui at work, whether by accident or by design. I had been to Bangkok midyear 2015, just a week or so before the horrifying bombing at the Erawan Shrine. This famous shrine attracts thousands of worshippers every day, both locals and tourists alike, but has become a real draw card especially for the increasing numbers of Chinese tourists now swelling the airways of Southeast Asia. Here, on the 17th August 2015 terrorists exploded a bomb left in a backpack, killing 20 people and injury a further 125. During that visit, I had noticed two very nasty drawn bows extending directly onto the Erawan Shrine site from the BTS (Bangkok Mass Transit System), or Skytrain as it is affectionately called. Drawn bows in classical Chinese feng shui are formed by sweeping convex forms, whether they be…

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