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Critical thinking and feng shui

Thursday, 03 February 2011 00:00;
Some initial thoughts on the importance of critical thinking and feng shui: One frequently hears of the concept of Critical Thinking when looking at ways of addressing social and scientific issues (think global warming and the contentious arguments for and against as to whether or not manmade carbon emissions are a significant contributor towards it). Political and moral questions, e.g. abortion and the death penalty are two hot potatoes in which opposing factions frequently each lay claim to the use of critical thinking as the means by which they have reached their respective and supposedly scientifically and/or morally correct conclusions. Critical thinking is often cited as an effective antidote to conspiracy theories and is for the most part deemed to be a fairly modern construct. Here are three widely accepted definitions: …… the ability to analyse facts, generate and organise ideas, defend opinions, make comparisons, draw inferences, evaluate arguments and…