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Basic Pa Chai

Saturday, 11 April 2009 00:00;
The Pa Chai (Ba Dzai in Mandarin) or Eight Mansions system of traditional feng shui is one of the most respected and utilised in Asia today. However, it is not so well known in the West and there are few consultants who know how to use it properly. Many of those who do use it use only one method of application. It is sometimes dismissed for being too simplistic in its approach, especially by those who advocate the San Yuen (Three Periods) or Flying Stars School. Nevertheless, it must be remembered that Pa Chai as a system for examining the feng shui of any building, is simply one aspect of three that make up the San He or Three Combinations School. It cannot therefore be taken in isolation from the other two factors. System Basics The basis of the system has to do with what are usually referred to as…