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North Vs South

Friday, 04 August 2017 00:00;
North Vs South in the Battle for Authentic Feng Shui One of the many questions I regularly get asked about feng shui is, “Should we make changes in feng shui for the Southern Hemisphere”? The assumption being, that since feng shui is from China, and therefore, the Northern Hemisphere, we should perhaps make adaptations to its principles when it is practised here in the Southern Hemisphere. The most common example given for supporting this notion, is a rather addled one, centring on climatic conditions; i.e. that in the Northern Hemisphere, one looks to the South for the warmth of the sun, whereas here in the Southern Hemisphere, it is said we look to the North. It is further postulated, that consequently, changes need to be made to both the Later Heaven Sequence Ba Gua, and the cycling of the Five Elements. While the first climatic based proposition, that in the…