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An Exploration of the Feng Shui of Rarotonga

Thursday, 30 April 2009 00:00;
With my recent trip to Rarotonga, many people have asked me to comment on the feng shui of that beautiful island. Naturally, for someone like me, the first thing I always want to do whenever I go somewhere new is to check out the feng shui and see what influences it is most likely having on the local inhabitants. Indeed a factor which frequently surprises people when first learning about classical feng shui, is that it is based in very large part, on the surrounding geography of any given location. When assessing the feng shui therefore, of a whole country or a major city or town, it is the landscape within the surrounding vicinity that tells us more than anything about what is likely to be happening within it, economically, socially and politically. Rarotonga for example, is an island; part of a chain linked to the Austral Islands, with its…