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From John Chau to Captain Cook: The fatal attractions of Missionaries and other Colonising Zealots. Part Seven: The Curious Case of Michael Rockefeller.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 00:00;
In November of 1961, one of the younger scions of the wealthy Rockefeller family, Michael Clark Rockefeller, disappeared somewhere along the coast of Southwest Netherlands New Guinea, as it was then known. He was the youngest son of Nelson Rockefeller who was later to serve as Vice-President to Gerald Ford, and at the time of Michael’s disappearance, was Governor of New York. Having served time in the US army, Michael, turned his attention to doing something he himself wanted. He’d completed a business degree and served his country’s military requirements, he knew he would be expected to go into business by his family. (This shows up in his four pillars but more on this shortly.) With an interest in the arts and a taste for adventure, he joined the Harvard Peabody Museum expedition to document and film the Dani cannibals in the Highlands of New Guinea who it was thought…