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Goin' South, Part 3

Monday, 07 August 2017 00:00;
Facts are Facts Some months before the posting of this material Lindy Baxter was asked to explain the parts of her arguments that didn't make sense and to reply to our challenges. "I regret that I shall not reply," wrote Ms. Baxter. "I found the tone of your emails hostile and discourteous." In response, it was acknowledged that she took the wisest approach -- otherwise she would have to substantiate her position. Better to say (like any authoritarian) that we're somehow being mean and cruel for challenging her. Lindy Baxter claims Our Rebutta Science has proved that there is a profound difference between the effects of the ordinary magnet and the Earth's own magnetic force. A magnet is not a geomagnetic system, but a magnet does get used by a wide range of scientific disciplines as a gross analogy of the Earth's magnetic system. A quick glance at the most…